Our purpose

Nina and Debbie set up Albi & Mac after Debbie went through several months of chemotherapy and was totally overwhelmed by the love and support she received from family, friends and medical nursing staff. The gifts she received - that were comforting, practical and touching - have inspired our business and everything available to buy.

Charity Support

Our aim is to donate a regular % of profits to charities. Until we return a profit, all our event stands generate income for local charities and Debbie and 9 friends (The Peaky Blinders) have just raised over £30k doing the 3 Peaks to support the wonderful St Lukes's Cancer Centre of The Royal Surrey Hospital.

Beyond physical gifts


For Debbie, there were many gestures of kindness that didn't come in the form of physical gifts;  walking the dog, delivering home made meals, offering a house clean, lifts to the hospital and taking over school runs, a mini massage, a bag of books on the doorstep, an extra space at a yoga class with a smoothie waiting afterwards. These things happened everyday and made Debbie feel life was going to be ok and were essential to her recovery. The knowledge that your friends and family will do these things for you at the drop of a hat mean literally the world. So money isn't always needed to give someone comfort.

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