The Men's Comfort Gift Box - £42


At last, it's been a long time coming, we have created a "Men’s Comfort Gift Box". A lot of customers have asked for this over the years and we hope we have managed to pinpoint some of the essentials that will surprise, delight and comfort those that need it.  Our quest is to help your loved ones through hard times.


This box has a basic selection with a variety of extras for you to choose. If you want to add more, please just order separately through our shop and we will include them in your gift box.


All our boxes are wrapped to perfection with a gift card included to add your kind words. Not only is the tissue paper, postal packaging and labelling all carefully designed but we colour match to create a calm and soothing effect. It will even smell wonderful.


This box contains;


  • Our luxurious "Bobby" beanie hat, made in a super soft knit in charcoal grey. With a rolled rim and pinched top, this stylish design comes in a variety of subtle colours. **A great gift for someone who is going through chemo who wants to keep their head warm but needs something very soft and easy to wear.


  • A "Chalk Charcoal Eye Mask". This extra special eyemask helps you relax and unwind, which in turn promotes good sleep. Made in soft jersey with a soft black velvet underside.


  • An Ohso chocolate packEach pack contains 7 mini bars to last a week. Each chocolate bar contains over I billion live cultures (lactobaccilus & Bifidobacterium) per bar. All natural ingredients, nut free and dairy free.
  • A "Spacemask" -  a self-