The Bottoms Up Gift Box - £28


The new "Bottom's Up" Box launched especially for Valentines Day but why not a birthday present from loved ones or to just let know someone special in your life know they are in your thoughts. Who could ask for more - beer and chocolate with a few sidekicks for a fun. 


  • 3 Brewdog Punk IPAs - the ultimate delicious craft beer.
  • A set of beer mats.
  • A stainless steel bottle opener with a few surprise words stamped on it
  • Ohso chocolate bar with over I billion live cultures (lactobaccilus & Bifidobacterium) per bar. Each pack contains 7 mini bars, 1 per day of the week.
  • A pewter little heart that sends a tiny sentimental touch. Or if not appropriate why not an acorn, a 4 leaf clover, a shell, a hug or a kiss. Or even a black Obsian stone which we call our "Superhero stone". Obsian forms a shield against negativity around you. It draws out your mental stress and tension. Just message us what you would prefer.
  • An Albi & Mac handwritten card with your message.


We welcome any special requests, just message us at the checkout. 

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