These little cards (with an envelope) have small pewter keepsakes which make the most thoughtful gift for someone to keep in their purse or in their pocket.


You can choose  -


  • The Guardian Angel - "A guardian angel to protect you through life's journey"
  • A 4 leaf clover for Good Luck - "A four leaf clover to bring you faith, hope, love & luck"
  • A shell for Serenity - "A shell for calm and tranquility in our busy world"
  • A Big Hug - "One continuous hug until I see you next time"
  • An acorn for Wellbeing - "Old Folklore suggests keeping an acorn in your pocket leads to a long and healthy life"
  • The jigsaw for Friends - "Friends together in sunshine and shade"
  • Bee Strong - "Let this Bee of empowerment make you true to yourself and your resolutions"
  • Travel - "A compass to guide you on your journey and find your way home"


They are extremely tactile and mean alot whether it be for good luck for an exam or thinking of you during a time of need or sending you a hug.

Thoughtful cards with pewter keepsakes

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