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Our gifts come from the heart. Our passion over the last 3 years has been to create a thoughtful and bespoke package of beautiful yet practical products to make a difficult time easier.

We started Albi & Mac after I'd gone through chemo for breast cancer and I would meet Nina for coffee and tell her about the wonderful, thoughtful things people did for me and sent me. l realised there was something truly special about these packages that arrived on my doorstep everyday. They gave me & the family such joy and a special boost in contrast to my treatment and surgeries. It was then that we realised we wanted to offer something extra special to people in a similar situation.

This lead to our passion that being loved and cherished, by friends and family, makes a huge difference to health & healing. Our aim is to make your loved ones feel showered with kindness in every way.


At difficult times, we know the senses are heightened so we have chosen a combination of products, the softest fabrics and the most natural of ingredients with a bit of sparkle and playfulness thrown in.

We also know from first-hand experience that sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say if someone is going through a tough time so we have curated and created gifts that do the talking for you.

From doing pops up and fairs since 2017, this face to face time with our customers has enabled us to research and create our own bespoke set of beautiful gifts for loved ones. We source locally from a small bee farm for our balms and our pouches are handmade by our friend, Mary. Our jewellery designer is local and has created individual, beautiful pieces for the collection alongside a company that recycle all their silver. We are always researching and have new ideas, colour-ways and designs brimming, but our core collection is ready to go.

Why Albi & Mac?

Albi is my dog who helped me through my chemotherapy by either demanding a walk or nestling by my side on the sofa. Mac is the dog of a local friend, Emma. Emma sadly died to cancer but we remember her fondly and know Mac played an important role in her life also. These two special dogs gave comfort at times of need and were part of our inspiration for the company.

We are very proud to donate £1 of every sale of our “Pocket of Rocks” to Cancer Research UK.

We would like to thank all our customers who contribute to this incredible cause. A charity that doesn’t receive government funding and is regarded as the UK’s most trusted charity. We hope these gifts also lift people’s hearts who receive them.

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