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  • "The Birthstone Necklace" with choice of birthstone
  • "The Birthstone Necklace" with choice of birthstone
  • "The Birthstone Necklace" with choice of birthstone

"The Birthstone Necklace" with choice of birthstone

Choice of birthstone

A stunning new addition to our jewellery collection - "The Birst Stone Necklace" with your choice of birthstone.


We are now working alongside a brilliant, local goldsmith who will be making some beautiful, bespoke, made to order pieces for us centred around gold filled jewellery and sending someone a timeless and beautiful gift.


This sparkly and delicate 9Karat diamond cut necklace is strung with one of the zodiac's birthstones. Choose your star sign form the drop down menu. Each necklace is handmade and makes a stunning and forever special gift.


Standard length: 40cm

Planet: 5mm

Birthstones: 5-7mm


Choice of birthstones;


  • Aries - Herkimer Diamond
  • Taurus - Green Agate
  • Gemini - Pearl
  • Cancer - Onyx
  • Leo - Peridot
  • Virgo - Lapis Lazali
  • Libra - Tourmaline
  • Scorpio - Citrine
  • Sagittarius - Turquoise
  • Capricorn - Garnet
  • Aquarius - Amethyst
  • Pisces - Aquamarine


**This necklace is made as a bespoke order. Please note there will be a 1 -2 week waiting time for your order to be ready. This necklace will be sent by special delivery. Free delivery for you.


What is gold filled?


​**A thick, solid layer of at least 14K gold permanently bonded onto a core metal. It is very hard wearing and will not flake or peel as gold plated does. It is the best cost effective alternative to solid gold. Also safe for sensitive skin.

With proper care your gold filled jewellery will last for up to 30 years without the gold wearing away. As with all jewellery harsh chemicals, such as chlorine in swimming pools, should be avoided. A soft cloth can be used to wipe away any surface dirt and to renew the shine. Or for more hard to reach areas an overnight soak in a little dish of washing up liquid followed by a good rinse in clean water will keep your jewellery sparkling like new!



    • Shipping Info

      Postage and Packaging is £1.50 for orders up to £14.99 then £3.95 to Mainland UK on any order between £15 and £74.99. Orders from £75 are free.

      For first class delivery, orders up to £14.99 postage is £2.50 then £5.50 on any order between £15 and £74.99.

      Orders from £75, which you want posted first class, are £8.50.

      For postage outside the UK please contact for bespoke pricing.


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