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  • The Spa Gift Box in 3 scents - £32
  • The Spa Gift Box in 3 scents - £32
  • The Spa Gift Box in 3 scents - £32

The Spa Gift Box in 3 scents - £32


Send a Spa Gift Box containing these 2 beautifully scented products - you choose one of 3 sets. These will make a house smell divine and bring a sense of peace & calm. All our gift boxes come with a card for your message.


A Candle

Our travel tin candles in our Wellbeing Range are handpoured in the heart of Wiltshire using a bespoke blend of soy, rapeseed and coconut wax. We're sure you'll love our Spa tin candles as much as we do.


About our Candles:

  • Wax weight: 200g
  • Handpoured using our unique blend of sustainably sourced and natural wax
  • Makes an ideal gift
  • No parabens mean our candles burn cleanly with hardly any soot produced
  • All our candles are vegan
  • We use cotton wicks with a paper core to give a long-burning candle
  • We don't use any colourings
  • All our packaging is fully recyclable


Candle Care:
- Place on a level, heat-resistant surface - out of reach of pets and children
- Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting to avoid large flames
- Ensure the candle is kept away from flammable materials and draughts
- Never leave a lit candle unattended
- Do not move a lit candle
- Remove all wick trimmings and other debris which could catch alight


A Room Spray

Instil a feeling of calm into your rooms with one of these beautiful room sprays with essential oils. Choose your scent.


Indulge in your favourite scent to refresh and lift the mood of a room, car or other indoor area with our natural room sprays.

Made with an alcohol-free, non-flammable natural vegetable base which has been blended with top-quality aroma oils to make rooms smell amazing.

Our room sprays are handpoured in the heart of Wiltshire.


  • Made in the UK
  • Handpoured using our unique, sustainably sourced non-alchol base, blended with fine quality essential oils
  • No colourings are used in our products
  • All our glass and packaging is fully recyclable

Releasing the Aroma and Room Spray Care:
- Two or three spritzs will be enough to scent any room.
- If misting on fabrics, test on a small inconspicuous area first, spraying from a distance of 40cm.
- Avoid spraying on plastic, painted and wooden surfaces - wipe up any spillages immediately.
- Keep out of reach of children and animals.

  • Postage and Packaging is £1.50 for orders up to £14.99 then £3.95 to Mainland UK on any order between £15 and £74.99. Orders from £75 are free.

    For first class delivery, orders up to £14.99 postage is £2.50 then £5.50 on any order between £15 and £74.99.

    Orders from £75, which you want posted first class, are £8.50.

    For postage outside the UK please contact for bespoke pricing.


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