"The Fiji Bead Stacking Ring"


A stunning new addition to our jewellery collection - "The Fiji Bead Stacking Ring".


We are now working alongside a brilliant, local goldsmith who will be making some beautiful, bespoke, made to order pieces for us centred around gold filled jewellery and sending someone a timeless and beautiful gift.


These rings are made of 6mm frosted beads with a sparkly 14Karat Gold filled bead in the centre. The ring looks beautiful on its own but can be stacked with any rings of the Fiji collection. All 6mm genuine gem stone beads are strung on a high quality transparent elastic. 


Please choose your choice of ring or rings from;


  • The Lilac Fiji - the Amethyst stone
  • The Yellow Fiji - the Citine stone
  • The Pink Fiji - the Rose Quartz stone
  • The Rainbow Fiji - multi coloured stones
  • The Candy Fiji - the Mongolian Ashlan Desert stone
  • The Silky Sheen Fiji - the Crystal Quartz stone
  • The Grey Fiji - the Labradorite stones
  • The Green Fiji - the Amazonite stone


**These rings are made as a bespoke order. Please note there will be a 1 -2 week waiting time for your order to be ready. 


What is gold filled?


​** A thick, solid layer of at least 14K gold permanently bonded onto a core metal. It is very hard wearing and will not flake or peel as gold plated does. It is the best cost effective alternative to solid gold.  And it is safe for sensitive skin.

With proper care your gold filled jewellery will last for up to 30 years without the gold wearing away. As with all jewellery harsh chemicals, such as chlorine in swimming pools, should be avoided. A soft cloth can be used to wipe away any surface dirt and to renew the shine. Or for more hard to reach areas an overnight soak in a little dish of washing up liquid followed by a good rinse in clean water will keep your jewellery sparkling like new!



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